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Since you can't really see the person in the smaller version of the photograph, I have included a larger panorama version as well. It really helps to show the majestic scale of the dunes when you have something of a recognizable size (like a person) in the picture. Who is that person? Do they know that I have their picture on the web?

There are rules about whether you can display (or sell) photographs with people in them. I don't have to have permission to display this person's picture on my web site for two reasons:

  • Public Place
    Anytime your picture is taken in a public gathering place like a national park or a football stadium, the photographer does not have to get your permission to use your image. Imagine if every sports photographer had to get a "permission slip" from every single sports fan just to take pictures of the game! (In fact, if you look at the back of a ticket stub, you might find out that the fine print includes language that gives permission to take your picture.)
  • Not Recognizable
    If your image is not readily identifiable as "you", then — as in the first case — no permission is required.

The image of the person in the photo shown above falls into both of these categories. On the other hand, if I had taken a recognizable picture of someone - even in a public place - then I think that common courtesy would have been for me to get the person's name.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado

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