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Zion is one of the most amazing places we have been. Considering everything else that Utah has to offer, that is saying quite a bit! The park is one of the most popular in the state, and the park management has implemented a park shuttle service to get folks in and out of the park without the congestion that personal vehicles cause.

There is no bad time of year for a visit to Zion. On a trip during April we had the pleasure of seeing snow, sleet, rain, and bright sunshine. All in the same day! Needless to say, the different weather conditions all provide different Moments of Light.

In our opinion, one of the things that makes Zion so unique is the fact that it is really two parks in one. The lower valley is home to the Virgin River and a number of diverse hikes and formations. Because this area is so popular, from spring to fall they limit access to personal vehicles. They require visitors to use a shuttle service.

But get in your car and drive to the upper area of the park and you are greeted with a completely different environment. There you can find slot canyons, petroglyphs, and even the possibility of a desert bighorn or bald eagle sighting. Since this area is not as visited as frequently as the lower valley, there is no shuttle service provided.

"Paint Splash"
Zion National Park, Utah
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For example, this picture shows one of the side canyons that you might explore in the upper area of the park. The wildflowers are the local variety of the Indian Paintbrush. They provide a splash of color as well as help determine the name of the picture.

We've been focusing on articles for other parks in Utah so far (you can check out some of our photo tours of Arches, Bryce, or Canyonlands). Why? Probably because Zion comes last alphabetically. Certainly not because it has the least to offer.

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