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Our 3221W is shown below equipped with an optional Bogen tripod apron. This apron is designed to expand when the legs are spread, and collapse when the tripod is folded for carrying. It was an absolute necessity on our last trip to Yellowstone. We used the apron to store extra film, batteries, and lens caps. It was much easier to reach down into the apron and pick up what we needed rather than have to fumble through pockets with gloves on.

Notice the padding around the top leg segment? This makes the tripod much more comfortable to carry, resulting in a higher usability score. Any tripod that is more likely to be used is more valuable to your photography technique.

Another factor that scored high on usability / value was the fact that the center column can be used as is or shortened if desired. The center column is in fact two pieces, and the lower one can easily be removed using the allen wrench provided with the tripod. The advantage of a longer center column is the maximum height is increased. The advantage of a shorter center column is the tripod can get lower to the ground.

We rate the Weight and Load Capacity both at two stars, primarily because we can compare to the lower priced (and lighter weight) Bogen 3001 which can support nearly as much weight and to the stronger Gitzo 1329 which supports twice as much for less carrying weight.

Our tripod is pictured below with an optional "goodie bag" that can be easily attached to the tripod's legs. When the tripod is folded the bag also folds somewhat neatly out of the way. When the tripod is opened the bag provides a nifty storage area for lens caps, extra lenses, binoculars, candy bars, or anything else that you would like to have handy. We would not suggest that you use it for hot chocolate... it's not configured as a cupholder.

Overall score:
Load Capacity:

Maximum score: five stars ()

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