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To be able to use this site, you should realize that the items down the right side of the screen are all clickable. Each will take you to a different area of this site. Within each area are additional pages for you to review. You may navigate to a more detailed page by clicking any available link, or use the table of contents on the top right corner of each page.

A summary of the primary level pages is here for your review.

Home will return you to the starting page for the Moments of Light web site. Here you will find items about the site, about us, or our opinions. The main page will also provide a link to the most recently updated article that we have published.

This menu item will link to articles that cover a particular location in depth. For example, there are several areas from national parks in Utah that are reviewed. If that sounds interesting, then you can take some time to review them. If you want to see pictures grouped by category rather than location, you might want to try one of the Themes pages instead.

The Themes page groups photographs by subject area rather than by place or trip. We may have taken wildlife pictures all over the country, but if wildlife is what you are interested in then you can review our wildlife theme page. If you want to see a particular location covered in depth then you might want to try one of the Trips pages instead.

Photography has really opened our eyes to the world. Along the way we have learned or practiced a few things. If we think they might be helpful, we have written them up here.

Not interested in a Trip Review? Theme show not the answer? Just want to see all the pictures on the site? The Gallery page is the place to go. It will contain a listing of almost every image on this site in thumbnail form.

Site Map
If you get lost, you can always click on the Site Map link on the side of the screen. It contains a listing and description of all of the major pages on this site. Look it over, find a link, and click! That's all there is to it!

If you don't want to look over the site map, you can use the Search form to look for pages on a particular topic. You have the opportunity to enter a number of search terms, the topic (from the five main topics listed above), and whether you want to search for web pages or images (coming soon). The pages will be listed with a description and a brief sample of the text. You can decide if you want to see the entire page or not from there. Simple!

Color Coding
Each main area of this site has a different color border. If you see red, you are in the Gallery section. Orange pages are linked from the Home page. Green pages designate photo techniques, and so on. Each of the menu links has a color coded button as well to help you remember where you are and how you got there.

Since some of the pages are longer than others, most of the pages will have a special link in the middle of the screen that looks like this:

Back to Top

That link will always take you back to the top of the page that you are currently viewing. That way you can find the menu entries.

External Links
There are some pages that contain links to web pages that are not associated with Moments of Light. Those links will open in a new window so you can review their content without losing your place here on our site. Each of those links will be denoted by a small globe like this: When you see a link with a globe, you know that you will be getting a new window when you click the link.

Big Pictures
Some of the photographs on this site are not what we would consider "publishable". They are on the site because they support a story that we are telling, a technique that worked (or didn't), or because it's the best example that we had.

Many of the images on this site, however, are for sale. In order to be able to make an adequate judgement as to whether or not you would be interested, these images are available in a larger format for your viewing enjoyment. These images will contain a link with the phrase "Big Picture" below them.

"Sunrise at Mesa Arch"
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Big Picture

For an example, review the picture to the side there. This picture makes a beautiful 18" by 24" print, by the way. But the smaller resolution picture does not really do it justice. The file size, however, is only about 9K. For that reason it downloads fairly quickly for this page. If you want a closer look, you can click on the image, or the Big Picture link that you see.

The larger image contains a "Back" link that will allow you to continue reading where you left off.

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